Ep 357 - Hall Of Fame | Premila Vekariya: Fit, Healthy & Abs At 50! (Beating Menopause & Cholesterol)

Oct 10th, 2023


Ep 357 - Hall Of Fame | Premila Vekariya: Fit, Healthy & Abs At 50! (Beating Menopause & Cholesterol)

Premila’s only regret with joining RNT was that she waited 3 years. When she joined RNT, she’d just turned 50.  All her life, she’d been really active: frequently running 10 miles and cycling large distances. So she never thought she would need to join a fitness programme. She was of the firm opinion that as long as she exercised and ate well, she could manage on her own.

And then, two separate instances made her pause and reconsider. The first was a photo taken at a restaurant of herself with a friend. She was shocked at how she looked! The second, was hearing about a friend in his 50s (as fit and active as herself) having minor heart issues on a hilly bike ride. And that’s when it struck her, she needed support if she wished to improve her health metrics.

With no more hesitation, she signed up and gave it her all. And her results have been incredible. With the knowledge she received from RNT, she sharpened her awareness and fine-tuned her approach. She finally felt strong and looked great! And in this episode, we go deep into her journey over the past 12 months. If you’d like to see Premila’s pictures, check out the case study linked in the show notes.

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