Ep 369 - Top 19 Lessons I Learned In 2023

Dec 26th, 2023


Ep 369 - Top 19 Lessons I Learned In 2023

I’m recording this a few days after my daughter turned eight months old. 

I can’t quite believe it’s gone so fast. It’s strange; at the beginning it felt like time went super slow, but as each month has gone by, it’s sped up rapidly. I think part of it is because milestones are coming thick and fast, and her interaction with us continues to grow. 

This is the seventh time I’m recording one of my “Top Lessons” podcsats. I always flick through the previous installments to get a feel for where I was, where I’ve been and if I’ve learnt from the past.

Oftentimes I see lessons from 7 years ago that feel timeless, and will never get old. Sometimes I look and cringe at what was going on in my life, and the clear influence it had on my thoughts.

I’ve yet to get to the end of a year, since as long as I can remember, and think life isn’t better than it was a year before. At least on my own scorecard.

The chapter of 2023 was “The Disciplined Dad”, so let’s dive into see what I’ve figured out along the way…


00:05 - Parenthood, milestones, and lessons learned.
02:45 - Fatherhood, work-life balance, and ambition.
08:13 - Personal growth, parenting, and unconditional love. 
10:19 - Personal growth, freedom, and investments.
15:10 - Maintaining friendships, veganism, and self-care.
20:48 - Fitness training and recovery strategies.
22:55 - Fitness journey, fears, and results-driven approach.
28:21 - Business growth, personal transformation, and relationship development.

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