EP 46: Paul Jarman: Tui Na & the Necessity of Massage Therapy

EP 46: Paul Jarman: Tui Na & the Necessity of Massage Therapy

On today’s episode of RNT Fitness Radio, we interview Paul Jarman. Paul has been practicing treatment through therapy in the UK. Listen as he shares his knowledge in massage, Chinese Tuina, and his tips for people with neck and back pain.

“Tuina is considered to help everything in the body — from poor eyesight to migraines to indigestion to bad lungs, COPD, to arthritis, to hormonal imbalances.”

– Paul Jarman


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[01:35] – Paul shares his background in therapy

[04:01] – How Paul’s sister’s Marfan Syndrome pushed him to learn Tuina

[08:40] – Paul’s view of massage pain and accountability

[11:54] – The Flossing Technique

[18:35] – More information on Chinese Tuina

[25:18] – Back and neck pain are two of the major complaints of people seeking therapy

[31:20] – How people can get a better posture

[34:23] – Other techniques Paul uses in his therapy

[41:16] – Massage: indulgence vs necessity

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