EP 52: Maneet Dharia: How He Dropped 50lbs to Get Shredded in a Year

EP 52: Maneet Dharia: How He Dropped 50lbs to Get Shredded in a Year

On today’s episode of RNT Fitness Radio, we’re joined by one of our RNT clients, Maneet, to dive deep into his awesome transformation. At the start of this year, Maneet came to us with his life-long goal of getting a six pack, but he said he wanted to take a slower approach and make it seamless with his extremely busy lifestyle as a dentist, moving to a new city. Over the course of the last 10 months, he’s managed to drop a total of 50lbs, get into the shape of his life and complete a photoshoot in California with one of the world’s best photographers. He did so well he even had tourists asking to take pictures! We discuss lifestyle design, accountability, personal development, and ultimately, and how to create real sustainable change in your life.

 “If you can’t keep a promise to yourself, what can you do?”.

– Maneet Dharia

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1.15 – Maneet talks about the awesome experience of the day of his photoshoot

5.44 – His background, and the move to the West Coast from Detroit.

8.20 – How Maneet got into training, and his early days of his transformation

14.10 – Maneet’s struggles with his lifestyle before RNT

18.55 – How Maneet manifested his why through journaling over the years

23.00 – Flipping the switch from an integrated lifestyle, to an ‘all in’ approach for the final phase

25.40 – How we turned around a ‘spillage’ during his final ‘peak’

28.35 – The power of accountability, and the methods he’s used to maintain it at a high level

31.00 – How journaling has been a big part of his professional and personal progress

35.00 – Maneet’s key tips for getting into incredible shape while maintaining his lifestyle

43.00 – The importance of learning to forgive yourself

44.50 – Why everyone should strive to educate themselves on food choices

47.30 – Dealing with setbacks

49.55 – How to use writing to be introspective

54.00 – Why you need to run your own race

59.18 – Know the difference between hunger and boredom

1.08.30 – Maneet’s reverse diet plans

1.12.15 – Maneet’s future book plans, and why he wants to write a book

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How Maneet changed his lifestyle to drop 50lbs and truly transform for life


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