EP 55: Amit Sodha: How to Improve Your Relationships and Dating Life

EP 55: Amit Sodha: How to Improve Your Relationships and Dating Life

On today’s episode of RNT Fitness Radio, we’re joined by life coach, speaker, writer and dating coach Amit Sodha. We discuss everything from information overload, exploring your consciousness, mindset and how to overcome dark periods in your life. We also discuss dating, the rise of apps, approaches to dating, how to recover from hard break-ups and how to cultivate meaningful long-term relationships.  So, sit back and enjoy this action-packed episode!


 ‘’We all need to crumble, and those little crumbles and stones become the foundation in which we reveal ourselves ‘’

                                                                – Amit Sodha


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2.06 – What Amit is currently working on.

6.00 – Amit’s thoughts on personal development

14.11 – Who is Amit Sodha

16.02– Amit’s life as a dating coach

27.00 – Amit’s thought processes behind hard break-ups.

30.46 – How Amit picked himself up from a tough break up

37.00 – Why a support structure is crucial

41.11 – How social media is affecting mental health, dating and general well-being

51.16 – Tips how to cultivate long meaningful relationships

57.53 – Amit’s fitness journey so far and why it’s important to him

1.10.11 – What’s next for Amit

1.14.02 – Rapid fire questions for Amit

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