Ep 64 – Matt Sandrini: How To Become A Time Zillionaire

Ep 64 – Matt Sandrini: How To Become A Time Zillionaire

Welcome back to another episode of RNT Fitness Radio. Today I’m joined by the owner of Time Zillionaire, Matt Sandrini, who’s an expert in helping you do more in less time, focus on what’s important, and take everything in your life to the next level. We talk about how to get out of living the 25 hours day, becoming clear on your one thing, and the best productivity tips that works with his most successful clients. One of the best takeaways from this podcast was the idea of an accountability letter, and it’s worth listening to this podcast just for this golden nugget. We also dive into journaling, scientific advancements in meditation and how to continue working efficiently when travelling the world. If you always feel like you’re short on time, you’re going to enjoy this episode.


‘’Time has no value, it’s what you do with that time, that creates value.

– Matt Sandrini


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2.00 – The importance of Meditation

2.40 – How do you get clarity of what you’re choosing on

10.37 – It’s never about the physical transformation

12.00 – Who is Matt Sandrini?

16.00 – The value of time?

19.00 – How to filter your goals?

21.10 – Why a week map is critical?

27.06 – What is a heart map?

32.00 – Benefits to meditation

39.01 – Creating your own prompts

47.00 – The accountability letters

1.00.36 – Why systems are important

1.08.54 – Rapid fire questions for Matt

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