Ep 66 – Paul Carter: Achieving Equilibrium in Relationships, Understanding Attachment Theories and the Reality Behind Muscle Building

Ep 66 – Paul Carter: Achieving Equilibrium in Relationships, Understanding Attachment Theories and the Reality Behind Muscle Building

Welcome back to another episode of RNT Fitness Radio, where this week we’re joined by Paul Carter, who’s the first guest to come back on after first appearing over a year ago on episode 18. After an email exchange over Christmas about how much life has changed for Paul since our last chat, we thought it’d be cool to record another episode for you guys. We start by talking about the slow process of natural muscle gain and why building a foundation is so critical if you want to be lean year round later, and still hold decent size. The meat of the podcast then delves into the different valleys of life we go through, the importance of understanding and developing yourself to achieve emotional equilibrium in relationships. This then leads to an interesting discussion on different attachment theories, and how your attachment style impacts the relationships you hold in life. As always Paul doesn’t hold back here, and dives really deep into some of life’s most interesting conversations.

‘’All of your adversity is an opportunity’’  

  – Paul Carter


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1.11 – Paul’s training right now

4.34 – Why training hard is so critical

8.50 – Why everyone should go through a fluffy phase

15.27 – Paul’s advice for the 30/40years olds.

24.47 – Intermitting fasting

29.22 – Paul’s journey from a year ago

32.46 – Achieving equilibrium in a relationship

37.12 – Different types of attachment

59.19 – The importance of self-awareness

1.08.48 – How dating has changed

1.11.37 – What will happen to social media in 10 years’ time

1.21.13 – How to get over heart-break.

1.29.19 – Paul’s version of success

1.43.00 – Rapid fire questions for Paul

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