Ep 67 – Team RNT: The Five Phases On A Transformation Journey

Ep 67 – Team RNT: The Five Phases On A Transformation Journey

Welcome back to another episode of RNT Fitness Radio, and this week I’m joined by the Hitman Nathan Johnson who’s here to speak with me all about the five phases of an ideal transformation journey, which are: Phase 1 – Clean the Palate, Phase 2 – Process, Phase 3, Consolidation, Phase 4 – Investment and Phase 5 – Reward. We dive into each phase separately and uncover the lifestyle solutions that can help you maximise each one. Where we spend most of our time, and go really deep into, is the Consolidation phase. We talk about the dangers that many of you will face here, and how you need to be prepared for it ahead of time in order to consolidate your gains properly. I know we discuss this phase a lot, but given our own personal experiences of spending years messing it up, it’s now our duty to make sure you don’t go through the same. Hope you enjoy this one! 

 ‘’Most people underestimate how much bodyfat they have and overestimate how much muscle they have’’


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1.57– The five phases of a transformation

6.35 – Why structure is needed

7.30– Why clean the pallet can be used anytime during a transformation

11.31– The process phase of a transformation

15.34 – The Vaghela Grind

17.12– The dip

18.18 – The guesstimation phase

24.00 – Social stigmas

31.12 – The fear of accountability

33.36 – Absolute vs relative strength

42.17 – The consolidation phase

46.55 – Lord of the Rings and transformations

52.34 – How to nail down the consolidation phase

1.02.09 – Experiences with bingeing

1.12.10 – The power of journaling

1.14.47 – The investment phase

1.19.24 – The reward phase

1.26.33 – Recapping the phases

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