Ep 69– Team RNT: Stages Of Change On A Transformation Journey, Program Hopping & Body Dysmorphia

Ep 69– Team RNT: Stages Of Change On A Transformation Journey, Program Hopping & Body Dysmorphia

Welcome back to another episode of RNT Fitness Radio, and today I’m joined here live with Mr Kmak to talk about the different stages of change you will go through during your transformation. It’s a little different to the phases we talk about in the RNT journey, and instead, this discussion is based on the transtheoretical model, which is a psychological theory from the 80s that’s been used in many fields to help the process of altering problematic behaviour patterns such as smoking, eating junk or a sedentary lifestyle. Through this, we also discuss our own personal experiences of letting go of perceptions, comparisons and other limiting beliefs that have been guilty of taking us down spirals of paralysis by analysis and spinning our wheels. So, without further ado, let’s dive in

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– Team RNT 

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1.03- New beard sponsorship

5.23 – Pre-contemplation stage

7.24 – Contemplation stage

10.13 – Preparation stage

15.04 – Action stage

18.15 – Maintenance stage

22.43 – Termination stage

26.57 – Akash’s fake progress

30.37 – Supplement hopping

36.24 – Akash’s ‘No carb with a cheat day’ diet

39.11 – How heavy will you be when you’re lean

42.35 – Discussing body dysmorphia

44.50 – The influence of social media on comparison syndrome

48.52 – The environment

52.04 – Rapid fire questions

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How To Stick To You’re Diet If You’re Busy

How Heavy Will You Be When You’re Lean

The Transtheoretical Model


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