Ep 70 – Indi Rajpal: Dropping Over 60kg, Overcoming Limiting Beliefs & Living Life On Your Own Terms

Ep 70 – Indi Rajpal: Dropping Over 60kg, Overcoming Limiting Beliefs & Living Life On Your Own Terms

Welcome back to another episode of RNT Fitness Radio. Today I’m joined by one of our RNT coaches Indi Rajpal, who’s been on an incredible journey over the years, and overcome many struggles to get to where he is now. His reason for getting into the industry is extremely strong, which I’ll let him explain in today’s episode. What strikes me about Indi is he’ll never give up, and will fight to the end. At 21 he was hit by a bus that left him with a brain haemorrhage and being told he had 2 days to live. Five years later he was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma which led to a year of chemotherapy, and going up to between 120 to 130kg bodyweight. After having lost the equivalent of another human, Indi’s on a mission now to help as many of people overcome their own struggles and limiting beliefs to live a life of fulfilment on your own terms. A truly incredible episode, and I can’t wait for you to hear Indi’s story.


“The meaning for something is given when you give it the meaning, everything is neutral in life’’

 – Indi Rajpal


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3.46 – What are your beliefs?

5.36 – The importance of journaling

8.47 – Indi’s journey

21.09 – Indi’s definition of happiness

26.21 – Empowering others

34.11 – Comparing yourself to others

45.08 – Indi’s passion

52.41 – Being an introvert

1.10.51 – Rapid fire questions

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