Ep 73: Adam Goff – How To Live A Life By Design & Be On Your Triple A Game

Ep 73: Adam Goff – How To Live A Life By Design & Be On Your Triple A Game

Welcome back to another episode of RNT Fitness Radio, and today I’m joined by another member of the RNT Family, Adam Goff.

Adam’s an extremely successful entrepreneur in the world of property, and today we discuss why being on your A game physically is so critically important to being on your A game in business.

One area that Adam’s passionate and very knowledgeable about is his concept of life by design. Back in in December I met up with Adam and we spoke for hours on this subject, and ever since, it’s completely changed how I operate on a day to day basis, and how I plan for the future. He’s a master of time tracking, prioritising and living the life of your own choosing, so if this is an area you struggle with, you’re going to gain a lot of value from this.

We also discuss nutrition education, staying in shape while travelling, and how anyone who wants to be a high performer needs to be taking care of themselves both physically and mentally at all times.


“You have to see the journey as a marathon, not a sprint”

– Adam Goff


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3.12 – Being around like-minded people

4.49 – Who is Adam Goff?

5.34 – Adam’s early start in business

6.31 – Adam’s journey before RNT

12.24 – Why you need to time track

17.09 – Why the scales aren’t the best way to judge success

19.12 – The tricks your mind will play

22.41 – The reverse diet

28.03 – Adam’s case study

30.17 – How to stay in shape while travelling

37.50 – Adam’s love for salad

38.09.- How getting lean has helped Adam as an entrepreneur

42.11 – Why routine is key

45.04 – Life by design and the key concepts

50.09 – Sunday Sanity

52.53 – Goals vs processes

52.14 – Meal prepping

59.51 – What’s next for Adam?

1.01.16 – Rapid fire questions


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