Ep 82: Dan Baines – Fixing Pain, Fighting Injuries & the Importance of Movement

Ep 82: Dan Baines – Fixing Pain, Fighting Injuries & the Importance of Movement

Welcome back to another episode of RNT Fitness Radio, and today I’m joined by osteopath, anatomy teacher and overall movement geek, Dan Baines.

Dan’s one of the most knowledgeable and interesting therapists I’ve come across over the years, and he’s helped myself and many of our clients overcome roadblock issues over the years.

What I’ve always liked about Dan is that he knows what heavy lifting is all about, and has been through the years of powerlifting where he’s squatted over 500lbs and deadlifted over 600lbs, something which not many in the therapy & physio world can relate to!

I first came to know about Dan through a recommendation in 2015 when I was struggling with SI joint pain, and couldn’t get to the root cause of it all. Through many of his different techniques including P-DTR, NKT, reflexology, anatomy in motion, and his unique method of blending them all together, he was able to get me pain free almost immediately. Ever since, he’s been one of my top go-to guys in London.

In today’s episode, In today’s episode, we discuss his theories in more depth, the biggest issues he comes across in the general population, his use of hypnotherapy in rehab, and how you can start being healthier and more pain free from today.


‘’Movement is key”


Dan Baines



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1.45 – What triggered Dan to becoming a movement geek

5.59 – Dan’s powerlifting numbers

7.43 – Akash’s injury

8.02 – Dan’s beliefs and methods

15.32 – Diet and inflammation

16.12 – Emotional trauma and injuries

21.00 – Using hypnotherapy in rehab

25.46 – Fight or flight

26.14 – Straight line method

32.37 – Tips for desk jockeys

33.54 – Posture and pain

37.40 – The why behind your why

44.40 – Food stressors

48.20 –Handcuffs exercise

53.26 – What’s next for Dan Baines

56.58 – Rapid fire questions for Dan


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