17 Sep 2021


Ep. 85 - Special Snowflakes, Steroids, Comparison Syndromes & Food In Relationships

The whole team at RNT is on the line today as we tackle some interesting topics in roundtable fashion!

We go through the following:

1. Why you’re not a special snowflake
2. Muscle building best practices as a client
3. Should you use anabolic steroids
4. Male vs female body image 
5. The use of food as a clutch in relationships

This is a hard hitting episode as we all go deep into topics that are often skirted over, and I know there’ll be something here for everyone!

Hope you enjoy this one!

‘’You should only be in competition with yourself to start with’’


0:48 – Ivan’s love for Quaker oats.

2:14 – Ivan’s shredded glutes

4:30 – Why you’re not a special snowflake

7:51 – Nathan taking his top off again

8:51 – Are you a special snowflake?

10:44 – How to get out the snowflake mentality

11:53 – How do you perceive stress?

13:22 – Muscle building best practices

15:04 – Tempo and why it’s important

16:57 – The 1 to 2% rule when muscle building

19:54 – You can’t fake your training

22:03 – Changing programmes

23:19 – Should you use anabolics?

28:49 – The cons of steroids 

35:26 – Male and female body image syndrome

35:43 – Spray on abs

36:43 – Comparison syndrome  

39:29 – Everyone wants to be an online coach and travel

42:04 – The long-term ramifications of social media

43:11 – Instagram influencers

45:37 – Body image

48:42 – Body image issues amongst the team

51:44 – Akash wearing two t shirts

53:53 – How heavy when lean

54:29 – Female muscle building

58:14 – How food is used as a clutch in relationships

1:02:52 – The use of alcohol and social norms

1:06:40 – Five things you can do without food

1:10:37 – The re-launch

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