Ep 86: Sanjeeta Halai: How Sanjeeta Dropped 20% Of Her Bodyweight In 16 weeks To Fight Her Demons & Climb Out Of Rock Bottom

Ep 86: Sanjeeta Halai: How Sanjeeta Dropped 20% Of Her Bodyweight In 16 weeks To Fight Her Demons & Climb Out Of Rock Bottom

I still remember when Sanjeeta first reached out to us.

She wrote an email titled ‘help’, and after learning about where she was in her journey, I knew she’d come to the right place.

When you’re at rock bottom, one of the best ways to climb out is to focus relentlessly on yourself, and use the physical as an outlet to pour your energy into.

Since working with us over the past 5 months, she’s completely transformed both her body and mind. She’s down 11kg, regained control of her day, and found purpose in her life again.

In today’s episode, Sanj doesn’t hold back, and talks about all the struggles she’s been through, taboos she’s faced, and how the physical has proven to be a real vehicle for her change.

We’ve also released her case study, which is written as an account from Sanj, and I’d urge you to read it in the show notes after listening.



‘’The timeframe doesn’t really matter, you’ll get there’’


                                                                                                       –   Sanjeeta Halai



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1.03 – Reception from the case study

2.52 – Sanjeeta’s why

5.31 – Physical is the vehicle

7.16 – What does ‘no way out’ feel like?

8.50 – How did ‘rock bottom’ manifest?

10.31 – Losing her dad at a young age

14.25 – Relationship with food

16.21 – How the relationship with food is like now

18.09 – Working at out 4am

19.40 – Advice for other mums

22.56 – Waking up before the alarm

26.11 – Why RNT?

28.32 – What is your identity?

29.33 – Yo-yo dieting

32.17 – Strength gains

32.49 – Tips for the consolidation phase

33.41 – Why check ins are crucial

37.36 – One plate rule

46.28 – Protein and its importance

47.09 – Being vegetarian

47.22 – Regaining control

49.51 – Family and social support

54.39 – Journaling

1.00.20 – How to maximise the coaching experience

1.02.11 – Spending time with your check ins.

1.07.08 – Trusting your coach

1.11.48 – What’s next for Sanjeeta?

1.17.08 – Rapid fire questions

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How Sanjeeta dropped 20% of her bodyweight in 16 weeks to fight her demons & climb out of rock bottom

It’s Never About The Physical


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