Ep 88: Shyam Kotecha: The Birth of Skot Visuals, Progressive Overload & Building A Real Physique Over The Years

Ep 88: Shyam Kotecha: The Birth of Skot Visuals, Progressive Overload & Building A Real Physique Over The Years

Today I’m joined by one of my best friends, and the man who’s transformation put RNT on the map – Shyam Kotecha.

We’ve been fortunate to have been part of numerous transformations at RNT, but never have I seen one have as much of an impact or a domino effect as Shyam’s. 

It’ll always be the transformation that’s closest to my heart, simply for what it did for us at RNT, and for how many people it inspired to take charge of their lives and transform.

On this episode, we go through his journey, and spend a lot of time talking training, the mindset behind real hard training, and why it’s so important to build the physique you’re after.

If you’re someone who’s come out of fat loss and wondering what’s next in store, and why the next phase is even more important, this is an episode you won’t want to miss.

It was fun talking about training in this much depth, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!



‘’Progressive overload is an analogy for life’’



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1.04 – Shyam’s love for coffee and recommendations

3.37 – The birth of Skotvisuals

13.36 – Favourite part of a photoshoot

15.36 – How Shyam has got into training

23.01 –Training intensity

25.21 – How to bring the intensity

26.06 – The use of visualisation

31.55 – The importance of training partners

36.38 – Focussing on strength and muscle building

41.19 – Building the foundation

44.32 – Keeping accountable in the muscle building phases

47.53 – Nutrition struggles

52.44 – Body image and confidence

57.37 – Tips for anyone starting their fitness journey

58.08 – Questions for Shyam

1.11.03 – The worst nutrition advice Akash gave Shyam

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