Ep 89: Karishma Sharma – Balancing A Corporate Career, Physique Competitions & Marathons

Ep 89: Karishma Sharma – Balancing A Corporate Career, Physique Competitions & Marathons

Welcome back to another episode of RNT Fitness Radio, and today I’m joined by Karishma Sharma from Delhi, a high ranking fitness athlete and marathon runner who also works as an executive in the corporate world. 

Karishma’s got an interesting story to share, and what really strikes me is her ability to balance a demanding career in the corporate world, with pushing her body to the limits in two drastically different disciplines – physique building and marathon running. 

She only started her proper training in her early 30s, and has gone on to win multiple titles in the physique competitive arena all over Asia at the highest level. 

Karishma’s a truly athlete and is the real professional when it comes to living the lifestyle, and being an example to those around her.

Hope you enjoy this one!



‘’We can’t control a lot that happens in our lives, but I can control my health’’




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1.30 – Back injuries

3.11 – Some of Karishma’s best lifts

4.43 – How long she’s been training for

6.01 – What got her into training?

10.21 – Taking control

12.30 – Who is Karishma Sharma?

15.38 – Transitioning from running to bodybuilding

18.40 – Competing in the Arnold classic

19.44 – Mindset during shows

23.16 – How does she balance her corporate job and competing

29.31 – Social pressures

34.26 – Motivational speakers

36.39 – Karishma’s core values

37.48 – Struggled she’s faced

39.52 – Tips to build muscle for women

47.06 – Karishma’s next challenge?

50.35 – Rapid fire questions





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