Ep 91: Chris Knott – Tips for PTs, Staying Pain Free & Productivity

Ep 91: Chris Knott – Tips for PTs, Staying Pain Free & Productivity

Welcome back to another episode of RNT Fitness Radio, and today I’m joined again by Chris Knott, who first appeared on the podcast back on Episode 16, and has come on again to share some more golden nuggets.

In today’s episode we talk more about productivity, the art of staying pain free, and how to train effectively for maximum gains in the gym.

Chris is a wealth of knowledge, and I’m excited to hear what value you extracted from this one!

 ‘’Social media now is the equivalent of what fast food was in the 70s and 80s’’


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 0.47 – How Chris is doing

 2.40 – Personal training and physical therapy

 4.43 – Personal training and degree

 5.12 – Chris’s new book

 6.37 – Two type of writers

 10.46 – PT’ing and money

 13.01 – Biggest struggle as a trainer

 18.15 – Putting in the hard miles

 20.15 – Hacks for productivity

33.49 – How Chris works with his clients now

 42.36 – General population and movement

 49.38 – The breathing test

 51.04 – Going beltless

 56.21 – Pre-training rituals

 1.00.29 – Rapid fire for Chris

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