EP 24: Lou Schuler: How to Become a Better Writer

EP 24: Lou Schuler: How to Become a Better Writer

In today’s episode, we sit down with fitness journalist and author of several books on men’s health and exercise, Lou Schuler. Listen in as they chat about the demeanors of bodybuilders back in the days. Get some tips on how you could improve your writing skills. Take a peak about Lou’s training and nutrition now that he’s in his 60s. All these and more when you tune in to today’s episode.


“Talking to a professional writer about his writing process is like talking to a prostitute about sex.”

-Lou Schuler


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Key Highlights:


⇾ Get to know what drew Lou Schuler into training

⇾ Find out what bodybuilders were like back in the days

⇾ Check out how Lou handles his training and nutrition in his 60’s




[2:53] – Who is Lou Schuler

[12:35] – What drew Lou into training

[17:50] – How were the bodybuilders like back in the Golden Era

[28:14] – Lou’s advice to improve your writing skills

[40:28] – What’s Lou’s favourite book that he has written

[47:30] – What’s the craziest supplement that Lou has tried

[53:40] – How is Lou’s training and nutrition now that he is in his 60’s

[1:01:56] – What would Lou tell himself if he could turn back the clock

[1:05:20] – Rapid fire questions


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