Ep. 103 - Improving Flexibility, Mobility & How To Stay Lean Year Round

Oct 30th, 2019


Ep. 103 - Improving Flexibility, Mobility & How To Stay Lean Year Round

It’s episode 103 and today I’m joined by fellow RNT coach all the way from Down Under, Ivan Gavranic!

The last time Ivan was on the podcast he was on the other side of the table as a client, so this is a cool episode where we chat about his transition from being ten years on the gym floor, to fully online with us at RNT.

We also touch on how Ivan inspired my recent shoot, how he’s stayed lean all throughout 2019 while discovering a new set point level for his body, and why, how you do one thing is how you do everything.

We finish by talking about one of Ivan’s biggest passions, flexibility training. A few months back I remember him sending me a video of him doing an overhead bar hold whilst going into a side splits. I responded in complete surprise only for him to reply back and say it was his daily warm up!

If you’re interested in becoming more flexible, mobile and injury free, Ivan shares some gold on here, while also dispelling many of the myths that surround stretching, yoga and where most people tend to go wrong. 
’’Your physique and level of leanness should be adding value to your life, not subtracting from it’’
- Ivan Gavranic

1:22 – Results of the recent blood test
5:55 – Hunger and appetite signals
7:31 – Staying leaning for a whole year
12:13 – Why being lean adds value to his life
22:46 – Minimising decision fatigue
24:27 – The love for the Sopranos
25:01 – A journey from PT to online coaching
30:15 – Ivan’s sleep habits
36:43 – Ivan’s training and love for flexibility
40:55 – How to get involved
48:31 – Breathing for flexibility
49:44 – Yoga and flexibility
53:23 – One tip on how to improve on your flexibility
57:02 – How to pronounce Ivan’s name

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