Ep. 107 - The Importance Of Strength In Building Muscle

24 Nov 2019


Ep. 107 - The Importance Of Strength In Building Muscle

In this episode, we talk about why getting strong is the most important thing you can do for your body.

As a competitive powerlifter who’s squatted over 2.5x bodyweight and deadlifted over 3x bodyweight, and we go deep in this episode about the best ways to add strength, the mindset to take when you’re trying to add pounds to the bar, and some cool milestones to aim for if you’re serious about gaining muscle.
 ‘’You’ve to be consistent for a long period of time, it’s not a 2- or 3-month fix’’

2:02 – Being a creative
3:26 – Starting an Olympic lifting club at University
5:44 – Transitioning into body composition
16:37 – How should you approach your muscle building phase
23:41 – Fatigue and recovery
26:25 – What mindset do you need to take sets to failure
30:37 – Thinking of the worst-case scenario
33:04 – Booking a shoot for next March
34:46 – Peeling the layers off next year
37:75 – Travelling in 2020
39:19 – Training set up right now
42:31 – Where do most people go wrong when they’re trying to build muscle?
45:48 – Becoming performance driven
48:12 – What it takes to increase muscle mass

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