Episode 109 – Team RNT: Babies, Buckets, Snowflakes & Christmas Strategies

Episode 109 – Team RNT: Babies, Buckets, Snowflakes & Christmas Strategies

Welcome back to another episode of RNT Fitness Radio, and today we’ve got the entire team on the show as we cover some topics we’ve been itching to record about over the past few months.

We start off by talking about parenting strategies with new dads Mulla and Pilko, with Shaneeta chipping in with her sage advice.

We then shift gears and talk about individual bucket capacities, something I’ll let you hear more about from Kevin later on!

After discussing how to prevent your bucket from overflowing, we reveal the latest special snowflake stories, and delve into the best strategies to navigate around the Christmas period.

The Christmas chat posed some interesting questions around behaviour, identity and lifestyle solutions, and why this journey can’t ever be anything less than a year to be truly transformative in the long term.

We finish up this episode talking about our best tips for starting the new decade the right way. So without further ado, let’s dive in…

 ‘’No one eats 15 mars bars a day, because they like Mars. There’s always a reason why they ate the Mars bars’’

       Team RNT

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1.07 – How’s it like being a dad for Ben and Ed

1.44 – The sleepy head

2.56 – A month reflection for Ed

4.06 – Ed’s photoshoot

6.39 – Ben and the dad bod

7.03 – Shaneeta’s advice as a parent and new mums

11.26 – Fitness during pregnancy

13.56 – Ed’s wife re-comping during her pregnancy

16.32 – Babies and arrival dates

18.07 – The bucket capacity

21.21 – Signs of an overflowing bucket

34.30 – How do you handle stress?

38.39 – Gaining weight and stress

45.13 – Return of the snowflake

52.16 – How to manage the Christmas holidays

56.34 – Changing your identity

59.48 – How to manage the first Christmas post transformation

1.02.58 – Are you ready for a transformation in 2020?

1.07.11 – Death of the 12-week programme

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