Episode 123 – Shane O’Mara: The Power Of Walking, Sleep & Optimising Brain Health

Episode 123 – Shane O’Mara: The Power Of Walking, Sleep & Optimising Brain Health

Welcome back to another episode of RNT Fitness Radio, and today I’m joined by Shane O’Mara, a Professor of Experimental Brain Research at Trinity College Dublin. 

In this podcast we discuss what Shane deems to be the three keys to high performance, why sleep is so critical, and the specific topic of today, the power of walking.

Having recently written an excellent book called “In Praise of Walking”, I wanted to bring Shane on to discuss why walking is so important for you – both physically and mentally. The benefits transcend only body composition, and in this fascinating episode, Shane uncovers the science behind why we always talk about hitting your step target!

‘’We are very bad at estimating how good a walk will make us feel’’



      –  Shane O’Mara


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2.03 – What are the keys to maximising high performance?

5.04 – What leads to solutions?

5.30 – Why sleep is important?

5.55 – Key functions of sleep

7.31 – Why do we class as sleep deprivation?

9.58 – How to improve sleep quality

13.41 – What does Shane do in his downtime?

14.49 – Why is walking so important?

20.18 – Does the speed of your walking matter?

26.49 – The science behind walking

30.34 – Cultural problem with steps

36.07 – How the brain pops up with our best ideas

39.30 – Data on sleep

42.18 – Upper limit for steps


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