Episode 137: Steve Smyth: Leadership, Management & Productive investment phases

Episode 137: Steve Smyth: Leadership, Management & Productive investment phases

On today’s episode of RNT Fitness Radio, I’m joined by long term RNTer Stephen Smyth, an ex army officer  who comes on to talk about why long term investment phases are so critical, as well as diving into some sage leadership and management advice from his experiences of leading big teams both in his army and corporate career. If you’re looking to upgrade your physique after your first checkpoint, build rules around your ultimate lifestyle and learn leadership strategies from the best, make sure you tune into this episode. 



        ‘’If you’re in a leadership position and you don’t care about your people, you’re probably in the wrong place’’



             – Steve Smyth


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1.36 – Balancing life

3.41 – Formation of rules and what are the rules for Steve?

7.41 – Balls to walls mentality

11.11 – Being in the army

12.48 – What made Steve join the army?

17.39 – Steve’s rank

19.07 – Management and leadership lessons from the army

26.01 – Model of culture

29.45 – Sleep challenge

36.57 – Recovery and lifestyle

37.50 – The coach/client relationship

42.18 – What it takes to be a good client?

45.58 – Long term investment growth phases

48.50 – Steve’s indicators

51.37 – Traffic light system

52.36 – Steve’s journey so far

59.24 – Strong offseason


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