Episode 141: Alysha Badiani: Being The BeYoutiful You

Episode 141: Alysha Badiani: Being The BeYoutiful You

On today’s episode of RNT Fitness Radio, I’m joined by Alysha Badiani, author of Beyoutiful You, to talk all about improving your self confidence and making self love and self care a priority in your life. In this episode we dive into why it’s critical to uncover the muck before starting any journey, and why the self talk, respect and communication with yourself is the most important relationship you’ll have. If you’re ready to get outside of your head, improve your self confidence, and start living your best life, you won’t want to miss this episode. 


                     ‘’You need to love yourself unconditionally, and fully accept yourself’’



                    – Alysha Badiani


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2.11 – Alysha’s new career path

4.36 – Who is Alysha?

6.02 – Publishing a book

7.15 – Miss India UK

10.35 – The journey to the book

15.35 – The why behind the why

17.39 – What was Alysha’s muck?

23.00 – Dealing with the pain points

24.02 – Journaling

26.30 – Getting stuck in your head

29.16 – Relationship with yourself

32.31 – What does identity mean to you Alysha?

35.19 – The book title

38.18 – Advice for parents

44.26 – Social media and comparisons

46.09 – Alysha’s development

50.53 – Will there be a second book?

51.38 – Parting advice from Alysha


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