Ep. 144 - 3 Year & Book Launch Special: Turning The Tables

May 24th, 2020


Ep. 144 - 3 Year & Book Launch Special: Turning The Tables

On this special episode to celebrate RNT’s 3rd birthday and the book launch, I decided to turn the tables and ask our Business Manager, Puja Teli, to do the interviewing. I’ve told her to surprise me, so let’s see what she comes up with, I’m expecting a lot of deep conversation so without further ado, let’s dive in.                   
‘’This book will teach how you stay in shape, not how to get in shape’’                                          - Akash Vaghela

2:12 – First day of peak week
3:33 – Physical is the vehicle
5:53 – Writing and creativity
8:46 – The aha moment
12:10 – Introspection
18:44 – Impact in the team
22:47 – Fundamental rewiring
26:01 – Coaching service
31:58 – What makes a remarkable coach?
34:32 – The seven faces of online coaching
36:58 – Skin in the game
41:03 – The reward phase
47:07 – Constant improvement
50:32 – Self-mastery amongst clients
56:30 – Level of accountability
59:08 – Book and community
1:03:58 – Rules and recovery
1:08:02 – AV’s secret goal

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