24 Sep 2021


Ep. 159 - What’s Missing In The Fitness Industry

Purpose is everything. Being a purpose driven business transforms the way you think, act and behave in business. Sadly, very few people and businesses in the fitness industry are purpose driven. They all want to “help people”, yet snake oil marketing for quick fixes – aimed and clients and coaches alike, has left the industry broken and void of all genuine purpose. Ego has prevailed, and it’s become dog eat dog. From a quick stat check, the fitness industry has an astonishing 80% turnover rate, meaning so many talented coaches are leaving our industry every year. Why? Because there’s no stability, security or progression. Coaches are expected to be business owners, and can’t do what they love – create impact and transform lives. Without further ado, let’s dive in.

’ Purpose is never ending’’ 


2:54 – Lack of purpose  

11:39 – The fitness industry  

13:38 – The weekends off 

23:07 – Diversity and equality

30:32 – How do you find purpose?

32:27 – When is the end of the journey?

38:00 – Physical is the vehicle

45:35 – Fear of success

50:41 – Why do you need a coach?

55:19 – Why you need 2 years

59:40 – The root cause and lack of education

1:04:02 – Economy and poor health

1:16:51 – Ownership

1:22:43 – Moving past the social stigmas

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