17 Sep 2021


Ep. 183 - #AuthenticAF P7 | Mukbang, Sexualising Food & Competitive Eating

Ever heard of Mukbang? If you haven’t, then I’m assuming you’re going to Google it now, or after some of the stories we share on this episode, you’ll definitely be doing your research. In this episode of #AuthenticAF, we talk about the crazy rise of the sexualisation of food and competitive eating, and what it’s doing to our psychology. We also dive deep into why you must take ownership of your own journey, and why the next best self help guru isn’t the answer to dealing with the Muck you need to face. Environment is everything, so while you’re listening to this, take note of what actions you need to begin taking in an hour’s time once it’s finished, and get to work.  

“You need to make yourself accountable, own it yourself.” 

- Akash Vaghela 


00:00 – Intro 

01:25 – Lockdown in present times 

03:30 – Goals and outcomes 

04:45 – Genetics and muscle growth 

05:28 – Enjoying without worrying genetic limit 

06:45 – Definition of Mukbang 

08:10 – Food back then 

09:28 – Overconsumption of food  

11:30 – Psychology behind Mukbang 

13:40 – Phyiscal as vehicle 

15:40 – Anorexia as an escape 

18:52 – Balance you want in your life 

20:00 – Being in shape for life 

24:00 – Social media pressure  

27:13 – Lockdown as perfect time to explore 

29:25 – Physical response to trauma 

32:48 – Quitting 

35:32 – Making yourself accountable, owning yourself 

37:00 – Education (books and podcasts) vs change 

39:43 –  Virtual Environment 

43:33 – Pushing to the limit 

48:15 – Weird and strange things on TV 

49:30 – Concept of Food porn 

51:43 – Social Media Competition 

52:44 – Akash way back 2014 

53:45 – Ed’s Previous consolidations 

56:00 – Wrap up

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