Episode 184 – #AuthenticAF: Growth Vs Fixed, Nature Vs Nurture

Episode 184 – #AuthenticAF: Growth Vs Fixed, Nature Vs Nurture

Are Michael Phelps, Tiger Woods and Usain Bolt the best in the world because of their make up, or their nurturing? Is it a coincidence that so many of the world’s biggest technology companies started in or near Silicon Valley? Are you stuck in a fixed mindset, or are you seeking every opportunity to grow? Find out the answers in today’s episode, let us dive in.

“Genetics loads the gun; environment pulls the trigger.”

Ivan Gavranic

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[00:00] – Intro

[02:08] – Theories and relative factors

[05:35] – Why African-Americans are explosive in sports

[07:38] – Places and types of people

[09:40] – Environment fulfils potential

[13:25] – Pyramid approach of focus

[15:10] – Fixed Mindset

[18:05] – What people are capable in extreme situations

[21:35] – Grind and orchestrated suffering

[24:45] – Definition of growth mindset

[27:55] – Self reflection

[29:15] – Man’s Search for Meaning by Viktor Frankl

[31:05] – Concept of boredom

[33:15] – Achieving checkpoints

[35:35] – Active vs Passive coping

[39:20] – The Journey

[44:30] – Importance of education

[46:12] – Working with a coach

[51:15] – Principles vs Plans

[54: 30] – Wrap up


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