17 Sep 2021


Ep. 185 - #AuthenticAF P9 | Breaking Down Training Progression Models P1

Picking the right weight, knowing how to progress with it, and how to then make changes in the future is one of the most important aspects of training progression. What’s more is the ability to learn through trial and error how certain movement patterns work for you, the specific rep ranges, and what may be most underrated of all: your buy-in to a specific type of training. Tune into the latest episode of #AuthenticAF as we geek out on things training progression models. 

“As long as you are consistent over time, you’ll see the progression.” 

- Ed Pilkington


00:00 – Intro  

02:30 – How to start or approach a program  

06:10 – Priorities and considerations to the overall progress

07:48 – Benefit of being a beginner 

09:20 – First to the sixth week of a new program 

11:25 – Understanding the gains 

12:50 – Consistency over time 

15:09 – Work and growth 

16:20 – Training to your max 

19:20 – Increased tension on target muscles

22:50 – Not training hard enough  

25:02 – Exercise as a whole rather than sets 

27:30 – How people vary on performance 

30:50 – Testing to get a starting weight 

35:40 – Trial and error 

37:42 – Effort level as a common denominator 

39:50 – Direct relation of volume and effort 

44:40 – What people think about repetitions 

49:10 – Wrap up 

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