17 Sep 2021


Ep. 186 - #AuthenticAF P10 | Breaking Down Training Progression Models P2

Once you hit the so-called plateau with your loading in the gym, it’s important not to knee jerk and change programmes. In this latest episode of #AuthenticAF we dive into specific progression models to use to amplify your gains, with topics such as reverse pyramids, undulating periodisation and recycling strategies all covered. If you’re looking for an edge in your training, this one is going to be a big one to take notes on and listen a few times!  

“Take responsibility over time and adapt accordingly.” 

- Akash Vaghela


00:00 – Intro  

01:32 – Ivan’s favorite: Linear Periodisation Model 

04:16 – Benefits and pressures on early stage 

06:00 – Chasing rep ranges 

09:10 – Time and progress determination 

11:10 – People reaching the plateau 

14:18 – Benefits of increasing body weight 

17:09 – Ed’s weight Increase experience  

19:20 – Volume, Intensity, and frequency Pyramid 

21:56 – Knowing the principles behind a plan 

24:40 – Taking ownership as a trainee 

26:46 – Responsibility to learn about yourself 

29:00 – Isolation exercises 

31:21 – Small vs big guys in the gym 

34:45 – Exercise order in sessions 

37:10 – Adding reps and refining forms as progression 

43:42 – Sets and approaches 

48:36 – Progressive mindset 

49:18 – Wrap up

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