17 Sep 2021


Ep. 187 - Supplement Series P1: The Truth About Powders, Bars & Sweeteners

In a new series dedicated to breaking down all the myths around supplements, we kick it off by dissecting all things protein powders, from whey, to casein to plant-based, and understanding the intricacies behind each, and why they’re useful. We discuss why you may have problems digesting certain powders, the role of sweeteners, thickeners and fillers, as well as when protein bars are ever actually beneficial. If you’ve spent more money on supplements than on your bills, this series is just for you.  

“When you get that little sweetness, then you’re good.” 

- Ivan Gavranic


00:00 – Intro

00:50 – What is Whey protein 

03:10 – Issues that come with protein 

[06:20] – Preference on protein intake

09:00 – Anabolic window research 

11:30 – Akash’s intake transitions 

12:50 – Meal times and what’s recommended 

14:35 – Plant protein as an alternative 

16:20 – Training to your max 

[20:10] – Worries on muscle gain

21:20 – Protein options 

25:32 – Artificial sweeteners 

28:32 – Sensory-specific vs actual fullness 

31:05 – Ed’s bad experience on artificial sweeteners 

32:30 – Diet proteins 

35:30 – Sweetness levels on dieting 

37:50 – What’s with the calories that you get 

41:02 – Wrap up

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