17 Sep 2021


Ep. 188 - Supplement Series P2: The Truth About Pre Workout, Aminos & Creatine

In the next instalment of our #SupplementSeries, we discuss the truth about pre workouts, why they may work, and what’s in them that may be causing it, before diving into all things aminos. We talk BCAAs, EAAs, and whether they’re worth taking, as well as the strong placebo effect that could be at play in some circumstances. We then shift gears to dive into the most scientifically researched supplement: creatine monohydrate, and why everyone can benefit from it. Again, if you’ve spent more money on supplements than on your bills, this series is just for you.  

“If it doesn’t do you any harm, use it if you like it and if it works for you.”  

Ivan Gavranic


00:00 – Intro 

00:46 – Experiences in taking pre-workout  

03:35 – Effects on the ability to execute  

05:55 – Analogy about energy from caffeine

08:50 – Reliance and overconsumption 

10:12 – Addiction  

11:30 – Coffee as part of the society  

13:00 – Legalization and use of drugs 

16:30 – BCAA and EAA (Aminos) 

18:52 – Cost and effectivity

21:35 – Placebo effect 

25:25 – Aminos as part of the routine  

26:36 – Training fasted  

31:06 – Creatine: Do you take it?  

34:23 – Strategies and ways to load 

36:50 – Wrap up

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