20 Sep 2021


Ep. 190 - #Authentic AF P11 | What Typical Mindfulness Is Missing

The journey of the Self is often limited only to the spiritual world. Whereby you can only find yourself in spiritual exploration.  

Yet, a closer look at the world’s most timeless scriptures teaches something else: that the body/physical is the vehicle. Deep within, it explains how breaking the rules of physical self-care prevents you from authentically engaging in deeper practices. 

The change in thinking here is that the physical body is the container, carrier and vehicle for the eternal soul, or Self. If our physical is running at optimal, it allows us to look past the cloudiness, and cultivate self-awareness of the true self inside the vehicle.  

Where our modern society’s ‘mindfulness’ focus has gone wrong is skipping past the physical, or merely thinking of it as an afterthought. It is not possible to progress towards self-mastery without it. That doesn’t mean an unhealthy obsession with the body. Rather, a reframing that the body’s health is necessary for the entire, holistic journey. 

Consider the transformation formula we speak about: introspection + action. 

The hardest bit about transformation is actually marrying the two together. It’s easy to introspect all day and be ‘mindful’. That’s why millions latch onto motivational talks, inspirational quotes, and talk a big game about how they will change their lives. 

The hard bit is actually going out and doing the work. You have to walk the walk too. You have to do all the hard stuff that you’ve identified through your introspection. Else it’s all fluff. 

If all you do is consume mindfulness chatter, you’re just wasting time and procrastinating. The problem is most of the ‘mindfulness gurus’ just promote introspection with very little in the way of action. 

Transformation needs both. That’s why it’s so hard. It will hurt. It will force hard decisions, conversations, and things that will scare you. But that’s the whole point.  

Similarly, action without introspection is just mindless. You will spin your wheels, and never really get down to the root cause of problems. You’ll never get rid of the past. It’s why you get those who have a great physique, yet are still extremely insecure – they’re just acting without thought.  

And so without further ado, let’s dive into the latest episode, where I kick off talking about my specific journaling habit, and how I do it, then we dive into all the various mindfulness practices, and how they need to be done consciously, actively, and with a purpose to drive the maximal benefit. 

“Only you have the power to change things in your life.” 

- Ed Pilkington 


00:00 – Intro  

01:32 – Akash’s Personal Review  

04:30 – Key to onboarding practices 

08:38 – Speaking to your core 

09:32 – Practices you should foster 

14:25 – Facing stressors 

17:20 – Adopting the negative identity 

20:20 – Filling your life with positivity 

21:58 – Ownership the journey 

23:40 – Getting in the shape of your life 

27:46 – Being limited by your health 

29:50 – Principles of planning things 

33:17 – Neurochemical explanation  

36:40 – Being able to switch 

39:10 – Work and life balance 

44:36 – Well-being as the top-ranking priority 

46:25 – The power to change your life

50:02 – Wrap up

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