17 Sep 2021


Ep. 196 - What Gets You Up In The Morning

I started this podcast asking the team, what gets you up in the morning? And understanding, at the core of it, why do we do this. The episode evolved into one of my favourite conversations of late, where we explored our own personal dopamine and serotonin balances in the day, the differences in introverts and extroverts, and what the latest strategies we’re tinkering with in our days to optimise mental health, performance, general well-being.

“Waking up early does not mean more productivity.”

- Ivan Gavranic 


00:00 – Intro  

01:23 – The deeper connection  

04:02 – Ivan’s physical depth 

06:26 – Physical and vehicle in reverse 

09:46 – Dopamine and Serotonin combination 

12:24 – Performance of Introverts vs Extroverts 

17:34 – Akash’s Dopamine mode 

19:21 – Energy input matching output

21:18 – Realizing the areas to work on 

23:15 – Chasing Motivation 

27:21 – What makes Ed feel in control 

35:50 – The are of being present

40:58 – Ideal blend of Dopamine and Serotonin  

43:50 – Waking up early and productivity 

45:16 – Getting used to what works best for you

48:50 – Getting rid of the structure 

51:23 – Decision Making related to emotion

55:50 – Wrap Up

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