20 Sep 2021


Ep. 198 - AV Under The Spotlight

This episode is a bit different to the norm, in that I’m thrown into the interview seat by fellow team members Ed & Ivan, to discuss questions such as: what is my biggest regret, how do I deal with external criticism, how did I know this path was for me, what do I still want to achieve physically, and how I balance building a business with my relationships. This was a fun one to record, and it went pretty deep!

“Learn to focus on what you should work hard on.” 

- Akash Vaghela


00:00 – Intro

00:10 – Akash’s biggest regrets in life

04:15 – Going away from a certain path

06:57 – A note to his younger self

09:45 – Doing what you enjoy

11:00 – Dealing with criticisms

13:00 – Being more than the physical

[15:55 – RNT as part of a culture

18:00] – Being transparent for transformation

23:00 – RNT’s Education

25:15]– Digital Sharecropping

29:35 – Akash’s thoughts on self-help books

33:20 – How Akash sees the future

36:45 – Training Hard

35:50 – Success and high performance

40:00 – High performance in all aspects of life

46:15 – Linking dreams and family

50:35 – Easy ways to retire

53:28 – Relationship, work, and health

53:30 – All about hardwork

58:15 – Working hard: A trial and error

59:10 – Favorite book

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