Ep. 218 - Skinny Fat Solution

Jul 19th, 2021


Ep. 218 - Skinny Fat Solution

I started training at 17 years old as the skinny fat kid with moobs and a pot belly, weighing 58kg. It is the worst of both worlds – you are skinny with no muscle, and you’re not in shape. My 100m time was 17.3 seconds, so I had no strength or power either. So, you could say, I did not draw the best genetic card when it came to body composition. That being said, if it wasn’t for this, I wouldn’t be doing what I’m doing now, because my transformation made me realise the power of physical change to be the vehicle for so much more, and it’s been my mission ever since to spread this message around the world. Being skinny fat, I’ve tried and tested every single method to find the optimal way to build a real physique that’s now competed in powerlifting, won bodybuilding shows and is in reasonably good shape year round. It has taken me over ten years of experimenting and mistakes. The good news is I’ve figured out what other skinny fat people need to do to get the body of their dreams too, and this episode covers a lot of the strategies that we use to help. If you have got ambitions to build muscle, can relate to my skinny fat story, whether you’re male or female, this one’s for you!
“Strength is a massive element for skinny fat people.”
– Akash Vaghela

00:00 – Intro
03:50 – Muscle body built based on body type
06:22 – Skinny type persons
08:50 – Holding Bodyweight
12:20 – High energy intake
13:46 – Journey in your skinny fat phase
17:00 – Genetic factors
20:50 – Naturally-skinny fat women
21:40 – Calorie intake and expenditure
26:00 – 100% intensity during investment phase
29:24 – Outcome vs journey
33:48 – How repetitions matter
38:35 – Realizations after getting hurt
39:15 – Progressive overload

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