Exhausted Executive Shiv Hit The Reset Button And Transformed His Body And His Life

This time last year, my life was in such a decline. I was working in a job I absolutely hated, health in general was terrible, physically I just looked like a fat slob who had 40% body fat. There would be times that it would be like 30 degrees outside during summer but I would wear a jumper purely because I was so embarrassed about how I looked. During pictures on nights out I would always be that one person who needed to be slightly sober just to hold my belly in during pictures. I would go to the gym and have absolutely no idea what muscles I’m training, and then go to Morley’s Chicken, thinking my 4 wings for £1 covered in burger sauce was a good protein source.

I started working with RNT in mid 2017, after trying loads of programmes and diets such as Hardcore trainer, Ketogenic diet, Military diet! With no results. All I can say is that this was purely one of the most life changing decisions I have ever made. Not just physically, but this entire process changed my whole mindset and turned me from someone who was a fat and unambitious person comfortable in his job to someone who wakes up every day looking to push myself and progress in life.

Physically – After just one week of working with RNT I have felt body fat melt off my body like nothing before. Every week my weight would drop and this was constantly driving me to push harder at the gym, I hit my step counts and stuck 100% to my diet. After a few months, I could fit into clothes that at one point I was going to put in a charity bag because I never believed I would be able to fit into them again. During family and friend events – people would compliment me and this was a constant drive in pushing me to work harder on this platform.

Mentally – This may sound very standard but I was someone who just counted the days but never made them count. The weekend would end and on Monday I would already be counting down the time for Friday so I could sleep on my fat ass until 12 like some pig. Now, it has become a stage where if I don’t achieve my daily goals I feel as if my day is completely wasted! Days fly by and I am always constantly busy on my feet, doing my own work, workout, meal prepping and constantly being active.

This journey with RNT has honestly been one of the most amazing experiences of my life. When I first started this, my work colleagues and other friends would laugh every day saying “Shiv, you’re going to do this for like 2 days then have 4 kebabs for breakfast”. I used all these discouraging comments as fuel and as time went by and the results came in, and then everyone came up to me asking “how did you do it?”. I do look back now and think I wish I started this earlier, but I’m glad I eventually came across them now at still a fairly young age, as my whole perspective on how I live has now changed.

My final words will be: if you join RNT, it WILL be one of the best decisions you will ever make. Especially if you’re at the stage I was when I first started. Do NOT look at the price, in a few months you’ll see this as the biggest bargain you ever had and always TRUST and be HONEST with the team. It will work, trust me.

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