Dedicated Family Man Prajeet, Lost 21 Kgs And Built Muscle With RNT Fitness

I would like to take this opportunity to extend a massive thank you to RNT. They have guided me effortlessly into a positive consolidation and muscle building phase and are helping me keep on track with development!

Pre RNT, I spent years spinning my wheels in the gym trying to chase the pipe dream many people have where they believe it’s possible to build muscle & lose weight all at once! I knew deep down that without putting in some hard work and cardio, I would never achieve the body goal I had of a smaller waist line.

I’ve always been self-conscious of my body. I blamed it on genetics, poor digestion, thought people are ‘naturally built’ in certain shapes and forms and brought myself to the conclusion that it wasn’t possible to achieve the body I wanted. I was convinced I was built this way and that’s that. I spent countless hours in the gym training with different people, getting a lot of mixed advice from many different sources. All these suggestions had me going around in circles. Nothing seemed to work for me and whilst I felt I was gaining some muscle, the overall vision of what I wanted to achieve was too far from reach.

In February 2019, I was introduced to RNT via a family member who had already started his transformation. Naturally, I was sceptical about the transformation he was to eventually achieve in the following three months. I was pessimistic solely on the basis that I had seen many similar online fitness companies that claimed they had transformed people’s lives. I had never seen it happen with anyone I knew. Three months later I saw the transformation pictures of that same person having a 6 pack, shredded to pieces and looking in amazing shape all thanks to his determination and RNT. It’s the shape I envisaged for myself and something I had been chasing for years! To think it could happen for someone known to me and in three months! Whilst I was so happy for him I honestly felt annoyed/embarrassed at myself that someone like me with all my years in the gym, had so little to show for it and it really hit home for me.

I was pretty much sold on RNT and thought if this is possible for him, then there’s no reason it would not be possible for me.

Figuring out my ‘why’ and the reasons for starting my RNT journey were very important to me. I needed to know it clearly so I could see it through to the finish line. It’s a massive step, especially when taking into consideration all the people around including my wife, and family. When you start a process like this, they have to be your pillars of support and almost go along with you on this journey as it’s pretty intense.

Fast forward 5 months and following a really positive start to the programme, I managed to drop 21kg in body weight whilst maintaining the muscle I had spent years building but hidden under the layers of fat. I finished Phase 1 in July 2019 looking visibly transformed, and felt in totally awesome shape. Abdominal muscles were NEVER something I even suggested nor wanted in the first place, but they very quickly became a reality. Proving that when you stick to proven diets, structures, workouts and advice coupled with all the motivation I got from my wife, my family and of course everybody at RNT it is possible.

The plan for at least the next few months is going to be about packing some more muscle to my frame, whilst maintaining my shape and waistline as best as I can. Phase 1 was ultimately a great success for me personally and changed my whole outlook on life and how I see things not only from a fitness perspective - but also on a professional level. It’s truly changed me as a person. The advice I can leave behind to anybody thinking about joining RNT and working with them is; trust the process and stick to the plan. Also you need to be honest with yourself and accept that this is not going to come easy, it’s going to take a ridiculous amount of self motivation, consistency, courage and hard graft in the gym - but there’s proof that if it’s possible for a very average person like me with regards to fitness - then its possible for anybody who puts their heart into it.

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