Finance manager and dad of 2 Gaurang dropped 20 kgs and transformed his body and his life.

My name is Gaurang Patel and I am from Kenya. I am 34 years old, married and blessed with two children. I work for a sugar factory as a finance manager. All my life revolves around work and family and that takes up the majority of my time.

To make things even more difficult my workplace and home is in a very remote area, there is no access to gyms or shopping malls. If I need to access this I need to travel 100kms to the city.

I have always loved exercising and dreamt of a ripped body, my biggest reason was the fact that both my parents are diabetic and have high blood pressure. While I was younger I also have had issues with my blood pressure. I was very scared that one day I would have to be on medication if I didn’t change my habits and looked after myself.

I have tried all sorts of exercises and diets that I could find on the net to achieve my fitness goals but all was in vain. Every time I tried something I didn’t see any results and I felt all my work was wasted.I was so tired of this cycle!

Luckily I met a friend in Nairobi and was shocked at how he looked so different in just a few months. Out of curiosity I asked him how he managed to change his physique in such a short time and he told me he does his training with RNT. I decided to get more details from him and through the website I saw real life transformations and was shocked, was this really possible. I decided to give It a try because I was tired of all the trials I had made alone.

I approached RNT and I think that was the best decision of my life especially for my health. I was not sure it would work at the start but as I went through the process step by step I started gaining confidence. I was seeing changes in my physique weekly and seeing my weight drop on the scale was so exciting. I needed this change and with RNT I was losing weight, building muscles and feeling more energetic on a diet, something that had never happened before.

When I joined RNT I had wanted to drop my weight from 80kgs to 72kgs and that was my dream as I had never achieved that. I was shocked, because when I finished my weight loss journey I was at 60.2kgs and felt on top of the world. RNT’s team of experienced coaches make this transformation possible. The process of transformation is so well planned by the coaches that it makes it smooth for you to achieve your targets. I will always be very thankful to the coaches, because when you are down and feel like giving up they always motivate you and get you back on track.

My journey with RNT has been excellent! I am sure I can say there is nothing to complain about. Working with brilliant minds from this far and achieving your goals of transformation is no joke, it needs a dedicated and experienced team of coaches and staff which RNT has got.

The results I have achieved have been amazing. The fat loss journey has been incredible and I want to now work on how to build muscle in the long term. I am so excited about what I have achieved with RNT and I am thankful to the coaches and I am sure with their guidance I will achieve my long term goals of achieving the physique I have dreamt of.

Being physically active brings a lot of benefits to your life. All aspects of my life changed after joining RNT, not only my physical appearance. Implementing the 3Ss in all areas of life became so easy for me. Through RNT came discipline, accountability, commitment and patience. This is not only about the physical, it is about how to live a life beyond that and I am so grateful I learnt so much from RNT.

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