From Burnout to Boundless Energy: Himat's Incredible Journey To Unleash Inner Strength

When Himat turned 40, a stark realisation hit him. It struck him that he was at a pivotal point in his life and he needed to take control of his health to continue to lead a healthy and active life.  

The fact that one day he would have to face conditions like diabetes and high blood pressure became a looming concern.

The sedentary nature of Himat’s job, coupled with the convenience of ordering takeout for lunch and dinner took its toll. 

“I didn’t like how I felt in my body. I was dealing with many niggling health issues that affected me. I had irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), anxiety, acid reflux, and persistent body aches.

The tipping point came when I was put off by my reflection in the mirror. Seeing my big belly on a short and skinny physique was upsetting. On top of that, the fatigue and lethargy impacted not only my physical well-being but also my mental state. It was clear that my current lifestyle was unsustainable, and a change was not just desirable but necessary.”

Himat knew that if he wanted to break free from lethargy and dispel this mental fog that hindered his productivity, he had to take action.

Tackling challenges and obstacles

For Himat, resisting temptation was one of the most significant challenges. Not giving in to his cravings for comfort food took constant self-discipline. 

This was especially difficult while dining out with family. Being mindful of food choices while enjoying meals with loved ones requires a delicate balance which he has now mastered. 

Returning to the gym after many years also presented a tough mental hurdle. 

“Overcoming the fear of judgement, self-consciousness, and uncertainty about where to begin required a significant mindset shift. But, with the support of my coach, I started with some manageable exercises and gradually progressed as my confidence grew.”

Meal-prepping home-cooked foods was another major hurdle, especially since he had been so reliant on takeaways before.

“I had to learn new recipes, understand portion control, and invest time and effort in meal planning and preparation. The initial learning curve was steep, but I have embraced it and it’s become a part of my routine.” 

Although hard, conquering these challenges brought about numerous triumphs. 

“I felt good about small victories like consistently making healthy food choices. Ticking off my daily non-negotiables like water, steps and nutrition gave me a sense of accomplishment. And most of all, seeing the positive changes in my physique motivated me to persist.”

Cultivating a new mindset

The decision to join RNT wasn’t an easy one for Himat. It required a lot of self-reflection. 

“Initially, my mindset was not aligned with prioritising my health. I had always measured success by financial achievements and placed health at the bottom of the list. Switching out of this thought process has transformed my approach to life. 

The realisation that success is not solely about financial wealth but encompasses overall well-being was a pivotal moment. Identifying my ‘why’ the deep, personal reasons driving your commitment to health became a guiding force.”

This shift in perspective helped steer Himat towards the end of the process. Reconnecting with his “why” every time he felt himself on the verge of slipping off the path helped him keep going. 

Embracing new avenues 

With the RNT methodology guiding him, the fatigue that was dragging him down gave way to increased stamina and endurance. 

As his body became stronger and more resilient, the mental fog that was affecting his productivity lifted. 

“Now, physical activity has become a form of meditation. It has provided a space for mental clarity and stress relief. Plus it has been a big confidence booster hitting PBs in the gym and seeing my running improve has been amazing. It has instilled in me a discipline and a routine which has influenced professional and personal aspects of my life.” 

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