Over the years we have played an active role via our partnership with Get Up Give Back (GUGB) to raise over £200,000 for causes such as Operation Smile and Buses4Homeless through activities that promote better health and wellbeing.

    This is our way of spreading RNT’s impact into the wider world, and working towards our biggest vision of seeing a world transformed.


    We broke the world record for the largest single donation ever given to Operation Smile at over £75,000, funding life-changing operations for over 500 children and young adults born with facial deformities in third world countries.

    To raise this, we coached 60 entrepreneurs into improving their health and fitness, whilst also running the Birmingham 10K or half marathon.


    We raised over £126,410 for Buses 4 Homeless, which will be used to develop an end-to-end housing and rehab centre for the UK homeless.

    To raise this, 100 of us walked over 100,000,000 steps in 90 days. Each week we educated, empowered and encouraged our fellow 100 fundraisers to build more steps into their day, work on their nutrition, and build a better lifestyle.

    Not only did we raise a phenomenal amount, but 100s have gotten healthier and fitter in the process of doing it too — which will have an impact in their lives, businesses and communities too.

    Prior to Covid-19, we hosted a workshop as part of the fundraising where all proceeds went to the cause.

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