Hardworking Mum Hasmita, Dropped Excess Body Fat And Got The Abs She Desired At 40 Years Young!

As a mother of 2 in her 40s, Hasmita had a full schedule, with a full time job that required her to commute into town. Despite her packed itinerary, she always found time to exercise. Prior to joining RNT, Hasmita was working out 5 days a week and spent an average of one and half hours every time!

“I spend most of my time with my family. I workout regularly at the gym but my workouts were mainly cardio based, although I lost the pregnancy weight I still felt body conscious and found it hard to lose the weight around my waist. I found my clothes didn’t fit even with all this training and my stomach would be the main issue, I would wear oversized tops which made me look bigger than my actual size.”

The Struggle With Nutrition

The hardest part of any fitness routine is to get a solid handle on nutrition. It’s so easy to underestimate the number of calories you are actually consuming, even if you are used to using apps like My Fitness Pal the calorie count is far from accurate. And not surprisingly this was what was holding Hasmita back from reaching her fitness goals.

“I failed miserably with my diet, it was carb heavy. I refused to batch cook as I thought I would get bored of the same meal and lean towards ordering a takeaway which would be the easiest option. I had basic knowledge but nothing when compared to the advice I have received over the last year from RNT!”

At RNT we put a lot of emphasis on nutrition and how essential it is to actually weigh your food and track not just the total calories in your food but also the importance of macros. All calories are not made equal so 500 kcal of steak is not that same as 500 kcal of chocolate! Once Hasmita learned the importance of tracking her meals accurately her weight started to drop off every week and she finally got the well defined abs she so desired.

The RNT Journey

Since Hasmita had always been really active at first she didn’t really feel the need to join a fitness program. She started her journey to support her husband as it is so much easier to commit if you have an accountability partner.

“To be brutally honest, I joined to support my husband, my heart really wasn’t in it to start with, I absolutely hated the first month, I felt down and I just couldn’t find the meals that worked for me but I was determined to make this work and to achieve my goal that was set out for me. I experimented with different food types, and eventually found something that suited my palette, and I’ve actually stuck to this throughout the whole year. I really look forward to my meals now and feel content.

Now I am so glad that I signed up, I saw results within a month, I couldn’t believe my eyes. I had been on this programme for 8 months and people that hadn’t seen me during the lockdown were intrigued with my programme. I received a lot of compliments at the office but when family members saw me they disapproved of my physique. But I feel great and I think I look great so I just ignored them!

I have always enjoyed sports, the more results I see the more I want to push myself. I Just can’t believe that I’m where I am with my physique, pre children I was toned and had a flat stomach but right now I can, actually everyone can see the muscle definition and my abs are in full show. The training is less than what I used to do before RNT, which gives me more time for personal commitments and downtime!”

Over the course of her RNT journey Hasmita lost 14 kgsin body weight and now has the strength and the energy to live her life to the fullest!

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