High Performer Chandni, Dropped 22kgs Mastering Health and Vitality

When Chandni signed up with RNT, she had one goal: to feel content in her body and mind.

Her steady weight gain was affecting all aspects of her life and she wanted the support and the knowledge to feel strong and healthy for good

1. What were the series of moments that led to your “trigger” moment to begin your journey with RNT?

Before RNT, I was pretty active, although I mostly focused on cardio rather than strength training.

The trigger to start taking better control of my health was when a spin instructor at my gym said, “You don’t have to, you get to.” That line really hit home.

I realised I’m lucky to have a body that can move, so why wasn’t I taking care of it? Looking after my body is a privilege, not a chore or burden.

This got me thinking about what I really wanted. I was overweight and my doctors were cautioning me about my weight creeping up every year. It was a trajectory I had to change.

When I was growing up people called me ‘jadi’ which means chubby in Gujarati.

For the longest time, I just accepted it. I figured if family members were calling me that, it must be true, and there wasn’t much I could do about it.

But now I see it’s one of those societal things that’s just plain wrong. If a child fails a test, we don’t call them “stupid.”

I wanted to take control of my life, not let this nickname dictate how I perceived myself. I wanted to prove that I could drop this lifelong label. I did this for me, and only me.

This journey wasn’t about looking thin; it was about feeling strong and in control.

2. What were your biggest problems before starting RNT?

Before RNT, I didn’t realise that my main issue was nutrition. I used to believe I was eating healthily, I’ve always been vegetarian and even went vegan for a few years. However, I had no idea my diet was very low on protein.

On top of that, I kept making excuses, blaming my lack of time and my genetics for being on the chubby side. But the truth is, everyone has the time; it’s just a matter of priorities.

I had been working out with a personal trainer for many years before RNT, but when the pandemic hit, I had to stop. I didn’t think I could manage strength training without someone guiding me in person.

My job involves a lot of travel, and that usually means eating out. I absolutely love travelling and exploring new places, trying out different cuisines.

Initially, I thought embarking on a program like RNT meant giving up these joys. While I’ve had to cut down on eating out as often as I used to (3-5 times a week, usually with a drink or two), I’ve come to realise that I can still enjoy travel and dining out while maintaining balance.

Now, I understand that social outings are about more than just the food and drinks; it’s about the experience, the conversations, and the company.

3. What has the process been like, and the biggest challenges and obstacles?

The fat loss phase posed its challenges. It took time for me to establish new routines and accept that there were certain aspects of my life that I had to change.

The biggest focus areas for me were: prioritising protein; finding the balance between strength training and cardio; taking time to walk every day and making mindful dietary choices while travelling.

A big learning for me was relearning what I perceived as “healthy.”

Growing up on Indian cuisine, I initially believed it provided all the necessary nutrition, but I realised it fell short in certain areas.

Secondly, adapting to my new routine required finding confidence and comfort in it.

This meant sometimes waking up early to hit the gym before work. I have a walking pad at my desk at home and a stand-alone elliptical machine by my desk at work. People have commented that it’s ‘weird’ to see me bobbing at my desk during virtual calls. But getting my steps while working does not impact my professional performance, so I don’t let their opinions deter me.

The biggest revelation while navigating this transformation involved filtering out external opinions and accepting that some relationships might shift.

While I don’t impose my lifestyle on others, I do expect them to support my choices.

If a relationship doesn’t align with my journey, then it’s simply not worth my energy.

4. How has the physical been the vehicle?

My body is my temple. I live here. If I don’t have my health and my body to carry me forward, then I have nothing.

I feel I am finally taking care of it. I also feel that knowledge is power. There’s so much I’ve learned along this journey that has helped me develop a growth mindset.

Through this journey, I have found my body and my strength. I’m so excited for the next chapter, to see how far I can challenge myself and push myself to become even stronger.

5. What almost kept you from joining?

I thought I didn’t have time. I thought I would be eating boring, bland food.

I thought it was too expensive.

I thought I’d have to live in a box and cut out social experiences.

I also thought programs like this would work better for men than women.

I was wrong for all of the above!

Breaking down the cost of the program and comparing it to what you actually get - makes deciding to sign up a no-brainer.

The support you get from the RNT community is priceless - surrounding yourself with like-minded individuals helped me stay motivated and reminded me that I’m not alone even though RNT is completely online.

I’m a very data-driven person. So when I crunched the numbers it was apparent to me that the cost of the RNT programme is not an expense but an investment.

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