Highflying entrepreneur Navin, effectively used his limited time got into the shape of his life

My name is Navin Mayani and I work as an entrepreneur. Having set up and led a couple of start-ups whilst completing a master’s degree in the last couple of years meant that my free time was limited and my willingness to embark on something else was minimal.

However, when I came across RNT, I realised that I could easily apply the focussed mindset I had in other areas of my life into my physical well-being. It was less about having to make extra time, and more about using the time I had effectively. This would help my physical body reap the benefits and I could take complete ownership of my relationship with my body.

Having dedicated much of my life to spirituality and well-being, little did I realise the impact the physical well-being had on my mental and emotional health. Once I joined RNT, I learnt to integrate mind, body and spirit into one balanced lifestyle, I realised I have the capacity to live a much better quality of life where all three complimented one another.

My mental and emotional health don’t work in isolation to the body, in fact they couldn’t be more closely related. Once I shifted my perception of my body simply being an “old shoe” to a “sacred temple” (excuse the random contrasts), everything about myself shifted. Even during those days I would travel for work or had little opportunities to eat my pre-prepped meals due to client lunches/dinners etc, I was still able to receive the support I needed to progress, without feeling stunted in my progress.

A busy lifestyle meant I didn’t always get a chance to prepare my meals on a Sunday, however, with the flexibility in eating out, I trained myself to pick out the best options that would help my body achieve the goals I needed to reach my first checkpoint. This wouldn’t have been possible without the self-discipline, structure and support from RNT.

The RNT team was patient, kind, knowledgeable and very passionate about my progress, supporting me to achieve my physical best, especially when I wasn’t in the mood to do so myself at times. My results have been great, and I look forward to The Investment Phase of my journey. Thanks again RNT, you’ve been an absolute superstar!

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