Highflying Executive Saagar Went From Skinny-fat To Lean And Muscular On Veggie Diet

Growing up, I was the classic “skinny fat” Gujarati boy. I had been a regular gym goer for 3 years but I didn’t have too much to show for it. I went from program to program, confused as to whether I should try to gain muscle or lose fat.

I got in touch with RNT for the primary reason that he had achieved amazing results with guys like me: vegetarians working long and unpredictable hours. I felt like I knew what I was doing in the gym, so online coaching was perfect for me. It was guidance on nutrition, and overall accountability that I desperately needed. Doubling up on this accountability, my flatmate Kai and I both decided to sign up, thus commencing the #RaceToAbs.

I really bought into the science behind the RNT method. Kai and I are naturally inquisitive, so we asked our fair share of questions, sparking some interesting debates!

As the days went by, it dawned on me that consistency was the reason I was now seeing results. Consistency with the various “levers” i.e. calories, steps, cardio, training. The team at RNT guided me and pushed me when I needed to grind harder and the accountability the platform gave me ensured I kept ticking these boxes and making progress, even when the low points came. And there were some low points, when carbs were low and training/cardio minutes were high. Life constantly felt like a long uphill battle…or rather, a long incline treadmill walk! Even when I fell off the wagon on a work trip to New York, which resulted in me losing quite a bit of ground, they encouraged me to use my disappointment as motivation to push as hard as I possibly could until the end.

I am really pleased with my progress, and that I finally managed to get a few abs out. RNT proved to me that genetics and dietary restrictions were just excuses. I also learnt that even if I get off track on a particular day, progress is just a healthy meal or a good workout away.

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