Highflying professional Jai transformed his body and his life.

I came across RNT fitness through my boss at work who for the first time in the 8 years I’d known him was looking incredibly in shape.

I had been doing generic mainstream fitness plans and whilst I was staying in shape I had been on the programme well over a year and still couldn’t get the six pack I wanted. I work in sales and I’m naturally target driven so I was incredibly frustrated at this point and decided I would commit to RNT fitness.

And that’s a big part of getting the results. If you’re going to question everything, listen to everyone else’s opinions (and believe me, everyone will have one) you’re only going to hold yourself back.

I signed up for 6 months and decided to embrace everything that was asked of me, being completely open and honest with my coach about my life and about my motivations behind why I wanted to start this programme.

My previous programme had frustrated me because there were lots of delicious recipes but every single ingredient had to be weighed, the amount of ingredients required meant you either tripled your shopping bill or ate the same meal day and night and they weren’t quick and easy when you add in the time spent weighing everything.

RNT kept it simple giving me just a few core ingredients to weigh and include and allowed me to spice everything up and add vegetables to give it variety in my own way. The blog and facebook group gives you plenty of ideas if you’re not a natural in the kitchen. I was really lucky to have foods I really enjoyed as part of my meal plan and friends on the plan who weren’t keen on their meal plans were able to talk to the RNT team and shake things up.

My previous gym programme was all at home. I had always been afraid to go to the gym because I felt self conscious that I would end up a meme on Instagram for doing a workout ridiculously wrong. And that’s something you really have to just get over. I pushed myself to join and to keep going. To begin with I would go at the very quietest times but you soon realise no one cares what you are doing and when I go now it’s almost like a second home. I’m comfortable no matter who is there and no matter what I have to do.

I thought all I needed was the meals and the gym routine and I completely underestimated the difference the interaction with RNT would bring. Being strict and only eating the food on your meal plan is not easy. Going to the gym when you’ve had a stressful day at work isn’t easy. Talking to the RNT team about life and having them guide me to find solutions to all the challenges that affected me physically and mentally was easy and I would say essential if you want to succeed with RNT.

It’s good to have someone in your corner always encouraging you because friends and family as much as they love you are not the experts, and unless they are on a journey of their own with their own fitness they really don’t understand what you are going through. It’s almost as if people feel guilty about their own habits so they become that little devil on your shoulder encouraging you to drink more alcohol than you need or to eat an extra slice of cake etc. They don’t realise how hard you’ve worked and how much the progress means to you.

The final thing to mention is the cost. There’s no sidestepping that some people I speak to think this is expensive and that you should just get a personal trainer you see in real life which to be honest would cost the same if you saw them every week. I don’t know that you would also get the same nutritional guidance and support from them as you can get from the RNT team. When you sign up with RNT you are benefitting from the knowledge of a whole team of professionals.

The cost is what really held me to commitment. I signed up for 6 months because I knew I would never throw that kind of money down the drain and just give up. I’ve not met my coach, but I have the body I want, the confidence I never had and I’m happy, and we all know happiness is priceless! There are just so many other benefits from doing this beyond just how you look!

For the high flying professionals who think they are far too busy to commit to a plan like this, you didn’t get to where you are being disorganised and unable to adapt. It takes time to build routines but if you know why you want this, you will make the time for it and it will naturally become part of your daily life and routine. You’ll build good habits that you take everywhere with you for the rest of your lives.


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