"I am stronger, more disciplined, with greater clarity” says Archana entrepreneur and busy mum of 2.

“In late 2018, we found ourselves in a downward spiral of bad habits and reckless eating. It was the festive season, and there were a lot of celebrations. It was so easy to make excuses and not be careful about our food choices. Before we knew it, what was just a one-off became routine. I am a mum of two boys who keep me on my toes; one excuse led to another and our bad habits continued. In 2019, I knew that before we reached a tipping point, we needed a turning point!

That is when I decided to gift my better half an RNT transformation package. As soon as he signed up, he said, ‘We need to do this journey together!’ It was the best decision ever! What I thought was going to be a purely aesthetic process, ended up becoming a pivotal transformation in my life.

I was never an avid gym-goer; I played tag with my gym membership too often, going whenever mood arose. I was not unfit either. But for as far as I can recall, I hated the way I looked, and I mean HATED! I would look into the mirror and despise the person staring back at me. There were so many things that I wanted to achieve, personally and professionally as a chef, but couldn’t find the courage or confidence to follow through. It was my lack of self-confidence because of my outward appearance that held me back – and that had to change.

In the months that followed after receiving my plan, I became more disciplined. Following my diet, getting my workouts done, completing my daily steps became routine very quickly. I ran on autopilot. It simplified such an enormous chunk of my life that it freed up headspace. Giving me the opportunity to focus on things I kept putting off – like growing my business and curating a lifestyle that is more meaningful and intentional.

Being a good role model for my boys, ages 5 and 9, was elemental in every aspect. From instilling better food habits to putting health and movement at the forefront. Since joining RNT, it has become so much easier to make those better choices and stick with it, to the point now that my kids will conscientiously go for a nutrient-rich snack and much prefer to play outside and get moving! And all this just from observing me and my husband doing better for ourselves.

The RNT team organised everything so beautifully – it was so seamless. Having the accountability factor from the coaches and the RNT community really helped us achieve results. To know that you have that support system to keep you in check meant that there was less chance of deviation, less ‘cheating’ on the plan.

Because Nehal and myself were on this journey together, we had an added layer of accountability – which meant there was no way we were NOT going to get results! There would be days when one of us just didn’t feel like training, or we wanted to not stick to the diet for one day, and those days we always made sure to reel each other in and remind ourselves why we were doing this!

To top it all off, we booked ourselves for a photoshoot only 3 weeks into our plan – again another layer of accountability! But it was all happening – week after week, seeing the weight drop, noticing a definition that I never knew existed. 5 months later, Nehal and I did this photoshoot and that experience was incredible! To see what we achieved was overwhelming, in a positive way. That day only solidified for us that no matter what, we will not succumb to poor habits, and we will continue to put health and fitness at the forefront of our lives.

I am stronger, more disciplined, with greater clarity.

I am so pleased with my results and stand with confidence in front of the mirror now.

We needed a turning point – and RNT was just that.

Thank you RNT!”

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