While Juggling Many Roles Sanket Dropped Bodyweight And Built Muscle

I have always been a skinny fat Indian guy. Over time through university, getting married and general life, I have yo-yoed between a range of body shapes and steadily piled on the fat. Although I used to make it to the gym on a VERY ad-hoc basis, I have never classed myself as being fit and always had the ambition to get ripped and work towards getting six pack abs.

Cue RNT… My wife Kashmira, told me about the amazing transformation story a friend of hers achieved through RNT and she convinced me to join; and what a life changing decision it has been. Me and Kashmira both started our journey with RNT, got our tailored plans, and have never looked back since.

The last couple of months have given me a completely different outlook on how important the right nutrition combined with exercise is to achieving results and most critically, has taught me restraint through weighing things out and proper portion control.

What really worked through RNT is that in order to cater for both me and Kashmira, RNT tailored a plan that had similar items of food between us both which helped immensely as we didn’t have to prep different things for each of us. And what was even better was that although we were in a calorie deficit through this plan, we rarely felt hungry as we would balance it out and eat the meals through the day.

With the exercise plan, my journey started off with me pretty much hating every exercise. However, taking baby steps coupled with the RNT team’s advice and progressing through them week on week started yielding results. That provided all the motivation to do better and resulted in me starting to actually like some exercises! To put things into perspective, for a guy that couldn’t do even 2 chin ups when he first started, doing 4 sets of 8 reps by the end of the journey was a huge win!

The past few months have been a fantastic experience. It has by no means been easy but has given us a great launch pad for a fitter, healthier life, and the tools to keep things progressing. A huge thanks to the RNT team for bearing with the both of us and with all the help and support through our journey!

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