Kashmira Gupte Case Study: How Kashmira Finally Broke The Diet Cycle To Drop 15kg And Get Into The Shape Of Her Life

Kashmira Gupte Case Study: How Kashmira Finally Broke The Diet Cycle To Drop 15kg And Get Into The Shape Of Her Life

From a very early age, Kashmira had struggled with her weight. She’d tried everything over the years to lose the excess body fat, but nothing had ever worked.

In January this year, she decided she’d had enough of the cookie cutter plans, the quick fixes, and the never ending yo-yo’ing that wasn’t producing the life-long, sustainable results she wanted.

After seeing the great results of a friend of hers, Gita, she decided to find out more about what we offered at RNT.

The rest is history. She jumped in with two feet, and managed to persuade her husband Sanket to join in too (who also achieved fantastic results!)

Kashmira’s goal was simple. She wanted to break the yo-yo dieting cycle, embark on a structured training and nutrition plan, and most importantly, get results!

As with many of our clients, her biggest issue was time. She works for a US company that involved working many of her days on their clock, as well as frequent trips back and forth.

With her long working hours and busy social life, planning and preparation became the number one contributor to moving the needle forward with her results.

In this case study, we’re going to dive deeper into Kashmira’s transformation, understand her struggles and see how she found the solutions to get into the shape of her life!

Starting Point

Prior to starting with RNT, she was doing the following:

Training & Cardio– Kashmira was much more confident with cardio, and typically stayed away from heavy, progressive strength training. A gym workout may include 25-30 minutes on the treadmill followed by super light weights and very high reps!

Diet – Kashmira was starting to make some healthier choices in her diet which had triggered a little fat loss prior to starting with us, but there was still too little structure to match the goals she’d set herself. A typical day may have been; breakfast: corn cakes and peanut butter, lunch: chicken salad or sushi, dinner: meat/fish with grilled veggies. For snacks, she is a self-proclaimed ‘nut fanatic’, so this would be eaten throughout the day. On paper, all this doesn’t look too bad. But the issue here was dinner at home would only be 3-4 nights a week. The other half of the week would be eating out in restaurants, which is likely where things went downhill…

Starting Bodyweight ­– 72.6kg

Kashmira’s Comments: ‘I have always been overweight with a belly and have always strived to have a flat stomach, lean arms and look good in a bikini. I had already managed to lose about 5-6kg to reach just under 73kg, but I really wanted to look and feel confident in a bikini, and I knew I needed to lose a lot more still. I also had a lot of fat under my shoulders which I hate. I have been asked if I am pregnant before when I’m not (!), and this is where my real drive came from.’

Initial Changes

To start Kashmira off, here’s what we did:

Training – To begin with, we kept the training to 3 full body workouts. The aim here was to build her confidence with weights, and flip the ratio of weights:ratio. To build the toned bikini body she was after, we knew we need progressive resistance training as the focus.  


Her starting macros were as follows:

Protein: 140g

Fats: 45g

Carbs: 80g

Kashmira wanted a set meal plan for the most part with built in opportunities to add a little flexibility. This is where a combination of the RNT nutrition tracker and apps such as MyFitnessPal became particularly useful. The benefit of this approach is the ability to educate yourself on food choices so when you’re stuck in difficult situations, or at social events, you can plan accordingly. It also helps build habits and practices that you can carry with you for life.

Supplements – Here’s what we used to begin with:

  • Whey Protein – as per meal plan
  • EAAs – 5-10g during workout
  • Creatine Monohydrate – 5g with any shake
  • Omega 3 Fish Oil 3 x 4g per day

Cardio – No traditional cardio to begin with. All Kashmira had to focus on was taking 10,000 steps a day.

Working Around Socials

In previous case studies we’ve documented, the changes tended to be more rigid and robust. But the beauty of 1-1 personalised coaching is that we work with the client, and build the plans around their lifestyle.

As we touched on before, Kashmira’s job entailed frequent travel abroad, and her role also meant many of her nights were spent eating out and socialising.

For many, this is often a deterrent for getting in shape. We’ll often hear of people say ‘the next month is going to be a write off’, simply because of the overwhelming number of events in the calendar that may cause deviations off the plan.

As the saying goes, there’s no time like the present. And one key factor in Kashmira’s success was her ability to embrace the events in her diary and find ways to work around them, so that she could continue to build on her forward momentum.

Continuing Forward Momentum

While working with her coach Nathan, many of the changes made were done on the fly, and depended on the extent of travel or meals out required in a week.

To make sure these didn’t cause regression, Nathan implemented harsher calorie deficits around the event in order to create the necessary ‘buffer’ in her total calorie intake for the day.

This ranged from reducing protein to 120-130g, incorporating zero carb days, and sporadic low fat days. It all depended on what the event was, what the menu consisted of, and where Kashmira was in her journey.

When she needed an even bigger deficit, Nathan implemented extra 30 minute cardio sessions 3 to 4 days per week.

That’s why you won’t see this case study written in the typical format of ‘1 week in, 2 weeks in, etc.’ A completely different approach was used, and it serves to highlight the flexibility and adaptability that can be taken to help a client achieve the results they desire.

By building this plan around her lifestyle, it allows her to seamlessly transition out of a dieting phase, but this time armed with the tools to enable her to maintain her results without any of the previous yo-yo’ing she was so used to.

Power Of Accountability

When we spoke to Nathan about why he thought Kashmira got the results she did, he attributed it to four factors:

1. Working alongside her husband Sanket.

The more accountability you can create in your life, no matter what goal you’re chasing, the better your results are going to be.

When it comes to transforming your body, doing it as a couple is always more powerful. You’ll provide each other with support, make food together and keep each other on track when it gets tough.

We see it all the time when couples embark on this journey together. Having accountability beyond your coach and your own deadline just takes the intensity up another notch.

2. Availability of the coach

The benefit of online training is the ease of communication. Often with 1-1 PT there’s hesitation on the client’s part to contact their trainer outside of a session. With online training, this barrier is broken down. What this then means is any day-to-day problems can be ironed out, advice can be given at any time, and there’s continuous support if needs be.

The excellent customer service provided by Nathan, which we all live by at RNT, was a real game changer in allowing Kashmira to develop a trusting relationship with her coach.

3. Length of the diet

When Kashmira had previously tried to lose weight, it was always using a quick fix. No diet ever taught her sustainable lifestyle habits, and so this time a real differentiating factor was the length of the diet.

Instead of trying to lose 15kg in 8 weeks, she took her time and instead lost it in 5 months. Still a very impressive rate of fat loss. But a rate that would create a very slim chance of putting it all back on. Why? Habit formation. Taking your time allows you build the habits and behaviours that’ll subconsciously enable you to maintain results for life.    

4. Adhering to basic principles

You’ll notice that there’s no tricks, accelerators or strategies listed in this case study. This result underpins what we do at RNT, which is to focus on building plans for clients that allow them to adhere as close as possible to the basic principles: a calorie deficit, consistency and time.

We know this is the secret sauce for results. Not a specific rep scheme or exercise. Not a trendy new diet fad. Not an unknown supplement.

It’s about being able to create an environment around you that allows you to be in the best possible position to tick the necessary boxes on a daily basis.

Key Lessons To Learn

No one is perfect. While we’re all for chasing perfection, sometimes this chase can be our downfall. Especially when it comes to body transformation, where trying to make big steps can set yourself up for failure.

Instead, focusing on small wins, small steps and ‘imperfect progress’ consistently over time and you’ll be surprised how much you’ll transform your body.

Kashmira knew this very well. She had mini set-backs, weight fluctuations and some adherence issues with her various trips. This will happen. But the real difference maker is always the ability to the get back on plan after a slip, focus on the consistency, and to really immerse yourself into the process.

Final Stats

Final Bodyweight – 58.9kg

These were her final comparison pictures:


Next Plan?

Sustain results for life!

Along with her husband, Kashmira is now going through a ‘reverse diet’ plan whereby they’re building their calories up, reducing activity while maintaining their leanness.

During this phase, we’ve moved to a more macro/calorie based approach predominantly. Both are well versed in this now, and have the education required to make this work for their lifestyle.

This can often be a tricky part of the transformation, but it can be even more important than the fat loss itself! After all, a poorly conducted plan after the initial phase will only lead to reverting back to your previous self.

To learn more about how the why’s and how’s of this phase, check out our three part series here (part 1, part 2, part 3).


Here’s what Kashmira has to say about his overall experience with RNT Fitness, and training with Nathan:

I have struggled with my weight since a very young age and tried all sorts to be in better shape and to really shift the excess weight. But I was never completely successful or satisfied. I came across RNT through facebook. A friend of mine was training with Akash and her results looked amazing. Then it was a case of convincing my husband to join too.

We both embarked on the RNT journey on 29th Jan 2018. It gave me a regimented approach that worked. Nathan’s nutrition plan showed me the importance of prepping on a Sunday for the week ahead. I realised cooking my chicken home for lunch, I could control what I put in and it was way better than buying a “healthy” chicken salad. I started to see the importance of macros and not just focusing on calories.  

I was always of the mindset that carbs were my enemy and Nathan definitely changed that. 

Until Jan, I was almost scared of weights. Unaware of how to use them, I would happily stick to cardio as my workout but obviously never really saw much difference. Doing the full body workout; planned by Nathan; I started weight training and was elated to see the difference. I am not yet in bikini body to show off stage but I have come so far; I can’t believe it myself. 

I think what worked with RNT is that I never felt hungry or deprived. Seeing results week to week motivated me further to keep going and the weekly check-ins just gave me the accountability to work my butt off.

It was tough breaking away from old habits but it was all worth it in the long run. I never thought I could lose 15kg in 5 months. I am not near my end goal but this is definitely a perfect start to my journey.

Thanks to Nathan for answering my questions and listening to my complaining when I didn’t see the results to match my unrealistic expectations.

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