Multitasking Supermom Daksha, Discovers Balance To Achieve Her Dream Physique At 40

Daksha reached a significant milestone at the end of 2022 – she hit the big 40! 

After all the high of celebrating died down and Daksa was feeling content, her mood turned reflective. Her birthday prompted her to stock of her life so far and look on to the path that lay ahead. 

When looking over the photos of her 40th celebration, she realised that she didn’t look quite as fit and healthy as she would have liked. It dawned on her that she needed to be at her best at this age and she wasn’t.

“I have always been quite slim. During my teen years I was quite lanky and gangly. Even in my 20s I was quite slim and had a small frame. But when I went to Uni I wasn’t as mindful as I ought to have been about my food. There were a lot of parties and I was having a great time. After getting married and having my two kids the weight kept piling on. And so I started to wear bigger clothes to cover my shape.”

Now with two little children, she wanted to set a strong baseline so she could be there for her children. She wanted to build habits that would support their long term health and well-being but wasn’t sure where to start. 

“My husband, Devin, had come across RNT and was totally convinced that this was exactly what we needed. But at first, I wasn’t completely sure that RNT was the right thing.

I had always been active. I enjoyed Bollywood dancing. I went to weekly yoga and

pilates classes and always ate nutritious meals. So I wasn’t convinced that we needed a fitness programme. I was also worried that RNT was just another fad diet. We’d tried fitness programmes before but never got the results we wanted.”

Taking The Plunge

Before signing up, Daksha wanted to understand how RNT was different to other programs she had tried.

She did her research and spoke to the RNT team during the discovery calls. 

“After I spoke to Akash (RNT Founder) and learnt more about the programme, I realised that the biggest differentiator was the accountability that RNT offered. The personal coaching, the cohorts and personalised plans were very different to what I’ve had before. It was the accountability element that helped me decide to join.

We have a busy life, I have two young children and I work full-time. So I was initially concerned that we wouldn’t stick to the programme. On top of that, I suffer from a mild prolapse caused by pregnancy which means I have slight incontinence when I do vigorous exercises. Some past injuries also limit the amount of cardio I can do.”

But when she learned more about the structure and support that RNT provided, she felt confident that she could work around these barriers. 

Creating Structure 

Once they decided to sign up, they planned their schedules meticulously, making fitness a non-negotiable part of their lives. 

They adjusted their daily routines, opting for walks instead of drives and figuring out when they could fit their training around kids and work. 

“I started waking up at 5am so I could enjoy the quiet me-time in the morning to do my exercises. Before RNT, I would drive to pick up my children from nursery and school. I now walk there and back so I can hit my step target for the day. 

It’s funny to think that before RNT, Devin and I would have to plan on who would get the Friday evening slot to meet with friends. Now we juggle diaries so we can fit in strength training instead.”

Through her journey, Daksha discovered a newfound love for strength training. She was amazed at the PBs she was achieving every week. 

“Just seeing my body change is a great feeling. I always had this misconception that cardio alone was enough to get fit, but now I understand how essential strength training is for longevity.”

Embracing Batch Cooking 

The journey wasn’t without its challenges. Daksha had to resist the allure of her favourite foods initially, but the customised meal plans offered by RNT made her transition easier. 

What really helped her make the change was batch cooking. 

“I work as a business process analyst. I train people on how to work more efficiently and while I was doing that at work, I wasn’t doing that at home. 

While I enjoy cooking and always made time to cook, it took up so much of my time. But, I’ve always batch cooked my kids’ meals so I could whip up quick meals for them. The next logical step was for me to start batch-cooking our meals too!”

Managing Socials 

When meeting friends, Daksha just took her own food. 

“At first it felt a bit awkward, I had to reassure our hosts that I wasn’t being rude or unappreciative of their food. I told them what I wanted to achieve and pretty soon everyone got used to it. And the interesting thing is, they were all surprised at what I was eating. Most were amazed at the size of my portions. They were expecting bland boring food and tiny portions! I was eating healthy portions and it looked and smelled great too.” 

Going out to restaurants and choosing something satisfying from the menu was a bit more challenging.

“I found it harder to be satisfied with food choices at restaurants. If we were eating out I spoke to my coach and shared the menu and she helped me make choices that were in sync with my meal plan. Her input was invaluable.”

The Domino Effect

The RNT transformation process has Daksha brimming with confidence. 

Not having to worry about what to wear and how she looks has given her so much headspace. 

“The drive and motivation I tapped into through this journey has influenced all areas of my life. Even my children are more aware and want to make better choices. 

My son wanted a Fitbit for his birthday so he can track his steps and my 2 year old daughter has little dumbbells she uses to imitate my exercises! 

It’s true that kids aren’t very good at listening but they are great at copying so they follow our example.”

Investment Goals 

Daksha loves her routine and still wakes up early in the morning to fit in her strength training sessions. 

“I love seeing my body change as I get stronger. I am now working towards getting my first pull-up and nail a full push-up. I also want to start running. 

I can’t believe I thought RNT was just a fad diet with some short-term gains. I feel like I have a solid structure to build my lean physique and enjoy health and longevity.”

The Podcast 

To learn more about Daksha’s amazing journey, tune into Ep 356 on RNT Fitness Radio.

In this episode, Daksha says, “When I started the journey, I felt mum-guilt every time my daughter cried when I stepped out for a walk or to do my cardio. But now when I see her imitating me while exercising and seeing my son choose fruit instead of cake, I feel validated in my choices.” 

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